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I am an Italian native speaker, I am fluent in Norwegian and English and I speak a good French as well.


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I learned English mostly as a self learner. My parents made me study English when I was a child, from the age of 7 to when I was 9 years old. After that I stopped until the University, when I started again studying alone.


- Written English - Very good

By reading the articles of this web site you will be able to evaluate the level of my written English. I am the author of all the texts you find here.

- Spoken English - Fluent


My spoken English was good enough for me to hold a university course of Human Nutrition in English only addressed to American students, from 2010 to 2013, for Arcadia University (USA).


In my past job experiences it was also good enough to allow me keeping commercial contacts with foreign customers (in Australia, in China, in USA, in Sweeden, in Denmarc etc) when I was working as an advisor for the foreign market for Orange Charter and for SMIA srl.




French is a very elegant language and I like it very much. I studied French at school for eight years, from when I was 11 to when I was 19 years old. At that time my French was very good, but now I have less chances to practise it, so it is a bit rusty, I have to admit.


- Spoken French - Good level

In the past years I have had several chances to practise my spoken French: when I was working as a Guest Research Scientist at MATFORSK (in Norway) some of my colleagues were French and I loved speaking French to them. 


- Written French - Good level

Once apon a time, when I was younger, I was quite proud of my written French. As I stated before, I like very much this language and at that time I was used to write a very good French. In the recent years I happened quite often to be asked to help partners of the L'eco del gusto netwok (especially the smallest enterprises dealing with tourism, such as agriturismo and holiday houses) to help them keeping email contacts with French guests. Apart from that I had much less chances to be writing French than I had to be writing English texts.



- Written Norwegian - Very good level


- Spoken Norwegian - Fluent


I am fluent in Norwegian, both written and spoken. In my present job I am actually  teaching a course of Entrepreneurship in Norwegian. I came to Norway on February 26th 2014. At that time I did not speak a single word of Norwegian.

Only three months later, on May 26th 2014, I was invited at the Grorud district, in Oslo, to a job interview for the position of Project Leader for the Multicultural Center for Entrepreneurship. The interview, needless to say, was in Norwegian.

After three months my Norwegian was not  perfect, ofcourse, but it was good enough to make my interlocutors trust that in September 2014 I would be able to start teaching and leading the center. On September 2014 I actually held my first class of Entrepreneurship in Norwegian.


The national newspaper Aftenposten published on December 20th 2014 a 6 pages long article about my adventure in Norway as an immigrant. Here you can read the online article in Norwegian:


"Syv måneder etter at han måtte bruke ordbok på hvert eneste ord i Kardemomme by, underviser han klassen sin på norsk"



On December 20th 2014, the newspaper Aftenposten, sold over the whole land, published a six pages long article about how I had learned how to speak Norwegian.