Science and Communication.


- In 1992 I got a high school diploma (5 years - LICEO SCIENTIFICO EINAUDI - High School specializing in Scientific studies);


- then I focused on life sciences and Food Technology (1999 - University degree in Food Science and Technologies - Catania University).


- I kept studying Food Biotechnologies for 3 more years and in 2003 I got a PhD. I spent part of this time cooperating with MATFORSK (Ås - Norway)


- Eventually I focused on Communication and IT, and in 2004 I got a Postgraduate Master Degree at the University of Bologna (Italy).


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Master degree in Communication and Information Technology PhD in Food Biotechnology University degree in Food Science and Technology
2004 - Postgraduate Master Degree  in
Communication & ICT
2003 - PhD in
Food Biotechnology
1999 - University Degree in
Food Science and Technology
Liceo Scientifico High School    
1992 - High School Diploma
Liceo Scientifico