Emanuele Lombardo - Creativity, Web, Science and Communication


Welcome to this web site dedicated to introducing my education, my personal skills and my job experiences.



My name is Emanuele Lombardo and I am just honoured by your interest in what I have learned and what I can share. I am the author of this web site, as well as of all the picture you will see unless I indicate differently.



In my carreer I have been working as an employee, as an advisor and as a University adjunct professor of Human Nutrition, holding a course of Mediterranean Diet and Food Culture.


I have been a writer and an entrepreneur as well.


L'eco del gusto (The echo of taste), is the title of the novel that I have written to provide my business with an innovative marketing frame. My small enterprise dealed with tourism marketing, web design and book trade.

Since I started from scratch, I had to learn from my own mistakes. I had to find the better way to sell my novel and my services, I had to learn how to be efficient and effective. As I was the only available human resourse, I had to develop several essential skills, but I also learned the importance of working as a team. The aim of my first steps in the market as an entrepreneur was actually to create a network.